Contacts & Links

Cathy Curtis - Columbia High School
3631 Crete Ave.
Meridian, ID 83642
cell: 1-208-841-3877

Rena Sitz - Fruitland

Kandice Compass - Parma

Jessica Tanner - New Plymouth 

Ashleigh Bettis - Skyview

Steps for AAU Membership

1. Go to this web address:

2.  On the right side click: AAU Membership Programs

            a. Athlete Membership

            b. Fill out the on line form

                        Program to select is Youth Program

                        Membership/Term: Club Membership expires August 31, 2020 – Cost $14

                        Sport:  Select Volleyball

                        Club Name: Treasure Valley Junior Volleyball League

                        Club Code:  WYBA57

3.  Continue to fill out the rest of the form and pay with a credit card.

            a. Print out your receipt and membership card

This membership card number will be necessary for entrance into tournaments.